Gómez Damián, Pedro Agustín

Master of Science

Contact Details:

Zentralinstitut für Medizintechnik (IMETUM)
Technische Universität München
Boltzmannstr. 11
85748 Garching bei München

GE Global Research Europe
Research Center
Freisinger Landstr. 50
85748 Garching
Tel: +49.(0)89.55283.716

Project Details:

Accelerated Acquisition Schemes for Quantitative MRI

BERTI Work Package:
WP 1 | MR Neuro

Supervisors: Prof. B. Menze, Prof. A. Haase (TUM)
International Supervisor: Prof. D. Jones (Cardiff University)
Industry Mentor: Dr. M. I. Menzel (GEGR)

Start of PhD-work at BERTI:
September 2014

Project Description:
Recent advances in MRI enable the quantification of microstructural properties of cerebral matter. These biological properties deepen our understanding of the brain in both health and disease and could assess the early onset of neurological disorders. Despite its potential, current applications are still limited by long acquisition times and low data quality.
Doctoral research focuses on addressing these limitations by developing novel; accelerated acquisition schemes for quantitative MR imaging of the brain. Work evolves around developing techniques that effectively reduce scan times without compromising data quality and still capturing the most important aspects of cerebral matter.


Peer Reviewed Journal Articles

Kubala, …, Gómez, et al. Hyperpolarized 13C metabolic magnetic resonance spectroscopy and imaging. J Vis Exp 2016.

Gómez Damián, et al. Multi-site kinetic modeling of 13C metabolic MR using [1-13C]pyruvate. Radiology Research and Practice 2014


Peer Reviewed Conference Proceedings

Gómez, et al. Simultaneous parameter mapping, modality synthesis, and anatomical labeling of the brain with MR fingerprinting. MICCAI 2016.

Ulas, Gómez, et al. Robust reconstruction of accelerated perfusion MRI using local and nonlocal constraints. MICCAI-RAMBO 2016.

Ulas, Gómez, et al. Spatio-temporal MRI reconstruction by enforcing local and global regularity via dynamic total variation and nuclear norm minimization. ISBI 2016.

Gómez, et al. Learning a spatiotemporal dictionary for magnetic resonance fingerprinting with compressed sensing. MICCAI-PMI 2015.

Golkov, …, Gómez, et al. q-Space deep learning for twelve-fold shorter and model-free diffusion scans. MICCAI 2015.         

Gómez, et al. Joint reconstruction of multi-contrast MR images for multiple sclerosis lesion segmentation. Workshop Bildverarbeitung für die Medizin 2015.


Peer Reviewed Abstracts

Gómez, et al. Accelerated parameter mapping with compressed sensing: an alternative to MR fingerprinting. ISMRM 2017.

Ulas, Gómez, et al. A robust reconstruction method for quantitative perfusion MRI applied to brain dynamic susceptibility contrast (DSC) imaging. ISMRM 2017.

Buonincontri, ..., Gómez, et al. Spiral keyhole imaging for MR fingerprinting. ISMRM 2017.

Liu, Gómez, et al. Fast, volumetric and silent multi-contrast zero echo time imaging. ISMRM 2017.

Molina-Romero, Gómez, et al. Theory, validation and application of blind source separation to diffusion MRI for tissue characterisation and partial volume correction. ISMRM 2017.

Molina-Romero, Gómez, et al. Tissue microstructure characterisation through relaxometry and diffusion MRI using sparse component analysis. ISMRM Workshop on Breaking the Barriers of Diffusion MRI 2016.

Gómez, et al. 3D magnetic resonance fingerprinting with a clustered spatiotemporal dictionary. ISMRM 2016.

Liu, …, Gómez, et al. A simulation framework to investigate T1 contamination on diffusion prepared RUFIS. ESMRMB 2015.

Gómez, et al. Using diffusion and structural MRI for the automated segmentation of multiple sclerosis lesions. ISMRM 2015.

Gómez, et al. Fitting the diffusional kurtosis tensor to rotated diffusion MR images. ISMRM 2015.

Molina-Romero M, …, Gómez, et al. Comparison of different compressed sensing denoising strategies for DSI acquisition for several diffusion mixing times. ISMRM 2015.

Gómez Damián, et al. Multi-side kinetic modeling of 13C metabolic MR using [1-13C]pyruvate. ISMRM 2012.

Shilling, …, Gómez, et al. Compartmentation of MCF-7 tumour cell metabolites characterised by hyperpolarized 13C diffusion weighted spectroscopy. ISMRM 2012.

Gómez Damián, et al. Multi-side kinetic model to asses [1-13C]pyruvate in-vivo metabolism. ESMRMB 2011.


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